George Tarr

Empire’s Bounds

I would that I could trust myself, I would that I could know

That if I said I’d do it, then it would sure be so

And years ago, in solemn tone, I bid my Maker vow

“Bind my will to good till death, let nought we disallow”.

But countless seeds and sorry yields have borne a runoff thought

A sturdy truth from failed shoots accounts for efforts fraught

With heels dug in and sweated brow protested I the find

But seasons passed and soon enough it stuck within the mind

I spoke at last,

“There is no time in which you have the power

To rule over the future or decree beyond the hour

Our moral throne, a kingdom rules, a kingdom real and vast

But all of it exists inside, the moment as it passed.

We cannot reach into before, like time-enchanted elves

We cannot clasp a hand upon the mouths of future selves

Our reign is stuck among the now, however real it is

My will shall never conquer what is not yet to exist.”

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